Lupus (or SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus) is an autoimmune disease that can cause many symptoms including joint pains, kidney disease, rashes, blood count disturbances and more. Everyone’s body has an immune system which is intended to fight infection.

Autoimmune disorders occur when someone’s immune system attacks their bodies tissues instead of an infection or foreign substance.

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that may affect skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and other organs. There are 4 forms: systemic, drug-induced, discoid, and subacute cutanenous.

A supplement that we might hear more about in the coming years is Resveratrol, a naturally occurring substance found in the skin of red grapes. Resveratrol is also found in red wine, which itself has already been linked to anti-inflammatory effects. Researchers are now specifically exploring resveratrol as a possible lupus treatment because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.

There is definitely a case for resveratrol to cure and treat neurological and age-related immune dysfunction.

A group from Beijing conducted a thorough study on the effects of Resveratrol in SLE patients.

This link is in Mandarin explaining the effects of SIRT1 in Resveratrol as an important role in the pathogenesis of SLE.

Another research has this to say: Resveratrol, a plant polyphenol possesses atheroprotective properties, enhancing expression of reverse cholesterol transport (RCT) proteins. We have reported that Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients manifest a pattern of disturbance in expression of RCT genes that is atheroma-promoting. Resveratrol is able to counteract pro-atherogenic factors in SLE and RA plasma. Resveratrol acts as an anti-atherogenic agent by preventing lipid overload via effects on cholesterol transport. Since Resveratrol has a strong safety profile and is well-tolerated, low cost, and can be used in combination with multiple other therapies without contraindication, these findings provide the rationale for a novel therapeutic approach to decrease the cardiovascular consequences of RA and SLE. Administration of resveratrol in these groups of patients might restore a critical defense mechanism against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease progression.

Still another research points to the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties of Resveratrol that is able to suppress SLE.


Madam Goh


Madam Goh is a SLE (Lupus) patient for 30 years. She knew her body was degrading but when it affected her face, she was worried it will disfigure her.

Within just one month of consuming RESERVE™, she noticed the SLE was controlled.

Then, she applied the Luminesce Serum on the gap in her flesh. After 5 months, the tissue damage did not continue, and her face looks better!

Madam Goh is happy with the results.

TESTIMONIAL BY Ms Quek, a business partner.

Reserve  ™  healed her 3 autoimmune diseases.


For 23 years, I suffered from 3 autoimmune illnesses.

Saw 5 doctors at 4 hospitals, went to hospital at least 20 times a year, for tests and check ups. 

Thankfully 2 years ago, because of a Health Talk and recommended by a certified nutritionist/TCM specialist,  I not only cleared up all the spots on my face left by skin lupus, but also improved my skin, plus  my health. 

I stopped limping 4 times a year due to fibromyalgia.

My liver is now no longer swollen. Hepatitis gone!

Now all my blood tests are NORMAL!

That’s after 23 years of abnormal blood tests.  

And my doctor said the magic words, “I’ll now see you once a year”!

And the most AMAZING  thing is … all these happened in 2 months!

So grateful to Steven Tan and Alvn for sharing the cure with me

Another sharing by Ms Quek …


Recently when I told my friends about the awesome liquid resveratrol that I am taking – Reserve ™,  that healed my 3 autoimmune diseases, they said they couldn’t take it because there were on blood thinner Warfarin.

So I asked my mentor Steven Tan, the nutritionist  and he gave this excellent answer – artificial blood thinner or natural blood thinner? Which is preferable?

A search on Warfarin (Coumarin,  Jantoven) revealed a lot of potential side effects …

– including blurred vision, chest pain, excessive unexplained bruising, even paralysis!

For more details, click here:

This made me recall how I used to rely on my doctor’s prescription of steroids to keep the swelling of my joints and liver under control, plus steroid creams for my skin Lupus and steroid eyedrops for scieritis of the eyes.

As anyone knows, steroids also have serious side effects.

In fact, even all my doctors feel that I’m cured because all my blood tests have become normal,  they all say they will see me once a year … because of the 18 years of steriod they subject me to! They have to forever check for negative  after-effects!

So I am glad that my liquid resveratrol – Reserve ™  ( >95% absorbed under the tongue!) not only replaced the function of steriods in reducing swelling, but even triggered a permanent cure for my autoimmune  diseases.

Natural is indeed better than artificial!


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