Testimonial – Amazing health transformation by a heart attack patient

Heart attack patient fully recovered without operation.

This is an amazing testimonial from a heart attack patient taking Jeunesse RESERVE™.

Here in Singapore, we hold regular weekly meetings to share Jeunesse products and its benefits. We call it Power Sharing.

Mr Tan shared this testimonial with us.

Heart attack patient fully recovered without operation.

Mr Tan is our new customer just a few months ago. He shared that his wife Mrs Tan benefited from taking RESERVE™ antioxidant all fruits blend.

In October 2012, Mrs Tan had a sudden severe heart pain and was admitted to hospital. It was diagnosed as heart attack. Mrs Tan’s heart muscle was contracting and hardening due to heart arteries blockage.

She was put on medication and scheduled for a heart operation at a later date.

Mr Tan then recollected the  testimonial shared about how a similar 3 arteries blockage heart patient from Malaysia recovered after taking Jeunesse’s RESERVE™ for 2 months.

Mr Tan let his wife take 2 packages of  RESERVE™ daily as a health supplement in addition to her medication.

After one month, Mrs Tan decided to stop taking her medication but continued with the 2 packages of RESERVE™ daily.

Two months later, when she went back for hospital re-examination, her doctor was very surprised and told her that her heart condition is perfectly normal … there is no need to go for heart surgery. And, she is also off medication.

RESERVE™ helps keep her in better health.

Want to know more on how Reserve ™ can help you stay healthy, call me now!

Diana Wee
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