Testimonial Reserve ™ – Liver Cancer



This 1.5 year old baby is from Malaysia.

He was diagnosed with liver cancer in September 2014.

It started with a bloated stomach which was diagnosed as cancer.

At such a tender age, the baby had to undergo chemotherapy and completed the sessions on 26 November 2014.

His hair dropped and was so weak that he could not even stand.

After his operation on 16 December 2014, he had chicken pox. This was a life threatening stage and was forewarned by the doctor.

The parents searched frantically for alternative medicine to save their baby…and they found RESERVE ™.

He was fed 2 sachets of RESERVE ™  daily. After 2 months, the baby regained his strength and could finally drink milk without vomitting. He is recovering well !

Another remarkable result!


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