Suffering 12 years Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica

From someone who was suffering 12 years Pityriasis Lichennoides Chronica…

It takes a lot of courage to share this personal skin problem that is all over my body before April 2013.

For 10 years, I have sought various treatments by reputable dermatologist in Kuala Lumpur, Hawaii and the National Skin Center of Singapore. I have tried PUVA and Psolaren which induces nausea, UVB light therapy 3 times a week and various oral medication but all could not clear the red marks and scaly skin.

I finally found a drug that cleared the rash and red marks, Methroxate (MTX), but this is a cancer drug that harms the liver over the long term.

But, I had no choice as I needed a solution to ensure I am presentable for work and when meeting clients.

My skin disease is no different from Psoriasis or Eczema, it gets worse during stress or warm weather. When it happens,  it stays for months.

The red marks can develop into lumps and get inflamed into sores or bumps.
Patients with such skin disorder should not be complacent as untreated sores and lumps can turn cancerous.

I have tried different products and seen various dermatologist. 

I have now found relief … It is far better than taking drugs which in the long run can damage my liver.


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