With aging comes chronic diseases..


This is a news clipping from The Straits Times, Singapore with the.. headline :

HEALTH ALERT : One in 3 will develop Diabetes …

TIME bomb is ticking here – and its name is DIABETES.

One in three Singaporeans will develop this condition by the time they are 69, making it one of the most pressing health issues here …

Read full article here http://m.sgh.com.sg/subpage.aspx?url=http://www.sgh.com.sg/about-us/newsroom/News-Articles-Reports/Pages/HealthalertOnein3willdevelopdiabetes.aspx

However can we slow down Aging and the Chronic Diseases like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, lung disease, to name a few, that comes along with it?



Have you heard of Resveratrol?

It can turn on the genes and slow down the aging process and the chronic diseases that comes with aging. 

Reserve ™ is a fruit blend antioxidant that has a high percentage of Resveratrol  that can help PROTECT YOUR CELLS from oxidative damage and delay the aging process.

Some of the Benefits:

* anti inflammatory
* turns on the gene to slow down aging
* neutralises damage from free radicals
* gives energy
* excellent for gut health
* boost metabolism
* heart health
* skin rejuvenation
* works to help reverse degeneration of entire body
* great for adults and kids
* absorbs into the blood stream quickly
* low in carbo and sugar
* conveniently packed in pouches; consume 2-3 pouches per day

Message me to buy or Learn more here bit.ly/1N6HpL1

Diana Wee
+65 9232 7293

Diana Wee
+65 9232 7293
Skype/Line/We Chat ID: bonnbest 


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