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You are aware of some of the health benefits of switching to a meat-free diet, but for some reason you just aren’t quite ready to make the leap, these facts may just give you that extra push.

Cutting meat out of your diet can aid in weight loss, provide a boost in energy, reduce your risk of heart disease, and more.

You’ll want to check out these incredible benefits if you are considering going plant-based:

1. You’ll Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

2. Your Blood Cholesterol Levels Will Plummet

3. Your Chance of Developing Type 2 Diabetes Will be Reduced

4. You May Lose A Few Pounds

5. You Can Better Avoid Toxic Food Contaminants

6. You’ll Make an Impact on the Health of Our Planet

Becoming a vegetarian has many health benefits that may just be worth giving up your typical Thanksgiving turkey, Fourth of July burgers and hot dogs, and Christmas ham.

If you are still deciding whether or not to make the switch, try cutting out meat for a week or two, and see if you feel any different. If you are fighting meat cravings, there are some fantastic vegetarian and vegan recipes out there that you can try!

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