First Uterus Transplant in U.S.


First Uterus Transplant in US

Last October, a woman in Sweden gave birth to a healthy baby boy that developed inside her transplanted uterus. Four additional women with transplanted wombs have had successful pregnancies since, according to The Washington Post, and the Cleveland Clinic’s Andreas Tzakis, the surgeon leading the U.S. trial, traveled to Sweden to learn about the methods used there.

The 10 women taking part in the US trial were either born without a uterus or have had their wombs removed. The donated uteruses will all come from deceased patients (in contrast to Sweden’s trial, which took the organs from living donors). After the transplantation surgery, the transplanted uterus must heal for at least a year before the recipient is able to attempt a pregnancy.

“The exciting work from the investigators in Sweden demonstrated that uterine transplantation can result in the successful delivery of healthy infants,” Tzakis said in a press release.

However, the Cleveland Clinic’s Tommaso Falcone added: “Although there appears to be potential, it is still considered highly experimental.”

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